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Crystal Healing is a beautiful no invasive treatment 
Using crystal grounding energies to heal the chakra. 


How Crystal healing works? simply put, all things are vibrations and all things have a form of energy. The crystals energy interacts with our bodies energy to heal.

In a Crystal Healing treatment -You will be fully clothed and comfy and warm with blankets and cushions.
I will place Crystals on and around your body and use the crystals to heal your body. 

All 30 min treatment times include 5 min to wake up.

More about Crystals

 Crystals, Minerals and Gems have been used for millennia. The Ancient Sumerians where one of the first to reference the use of crystals, Egyptians used crystals in jewellery for protection and health and cosmetically.


The word crystal comes from the Greek word for ice. Crystal vibrate on their own frequency and when placed in our energy field they are able to connect to our own vibration frequency that can effect our physical response.

What are Crystals

Crystals are any substance in which the atoms are arranged in a geometric symmetrical and 3d pattern. This pattern is what is known as a crystal.

Crystals where formed as the Earth it-self was formed and continued to change after time.


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