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Microdermabrasion Facials


What is Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a  non chemical, non invasive facial that uses suction and crystal discs to resurface, peel off the dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow and serum production, which helps with tightening the skin, reduce fine lines, brightens/ tightens the skin which makes this facial anti-ageing.

After the treatment you will have a nice glow to the skin and the skin may feel slightly tight like being in the wind/ sun.

You should see results straight away, as the skin regenerates every 4 weeks, to get the best results it is recommended you have a facial every 4 weeks.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion;

Deep exfoliation that leaves the skin healthier more refreshed 
Reduces puffiness 
Tighten Skin 
Stimulates Collagen
Anti- Aging
Aids Lymphatic drainage
Reduces oily T Zone 
Pore size reduction
Reduces Fine lines
Helps reduce Scaring
Premature aging
Even texture pigmentation
Brightens Skin 
Cell Renewal

Skin congestion


After care Advice

Avoid Exfoliation for seven days
Apply SPF 15-30 
Avoid retinol/glycolic acid and fragrance in products for two days after treatment
Avoid sunbathing or heat treatments for 24 hours



Resurfacing facial - Microdermabrasion

Emz4massge Resurfacing Facial - 25 min treatment Microdermabrasion consists off;

Cleanse Tone, steam, microdermabrasion, neck/, crystal roller and moisturise.


Anti- Ageing Facial - Microdermabrasion

Emz4massge Anti Ageing Facial 50 min treatment- consists off;

Cleanse, Tone, steam, microdermabrasion, neck/face/scalp massage, crystal roller, mask and moisturise.

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