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Emz4massage Pregnancy Treatments

Had a pregnancy massage this afternoon would recommend, Emma was lovely and made me feel relaxed and welcome as soon as I walked in! want another massage already.

Keyleigh Reeve

Pregnancy Massages 

Pregnancy massage are similar to a normal massages, the main difference being the pressure will be light, and that the massage techniques used in pregnancy treatments are adapted to maintain the wellbeing of mother and child.

During pregnancy the body changes, which leads to added stress on the muscles and body, Pregnancy massage helps with the body stress and changes.

Before a Pregnancy massage you must consult with your doctor first.

Benefit of Pregnancy Massage;

  • helps with water retention
  • relieves strains in back and legs
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • increase energy
  • better sleep
  • sooth sore legs and feet

Pregnancy massage helps release the stress from these muscles, this helps reduce back, hip pain release stress from the joints and aid in maintaining good posture, also sooths nerves.


Emz4massage Pregnancy Treatments offered;

30 min Pregnancy Back massage

In this treatment you will lay on your preferred side, as if you where going to sleep, then you will have cushions between your legs to realign your hips, and blankets and cushions so you are very comfy. Then your therapist will do a light massage soothing your muscles.

1hr Luxury Full Body Pregnancy Massage

In this treatment you will have bolsters, cushions, blankets, so you are comfy and not laying flat. Then you will have light soothing massage on your - feet, legs, hands, arms and while you lay on your side, your back massage.

30 min Pregnancy Facial

In this treatment you will be comfy on bolsters and cushions. Then in the facial the therapist will cleanse, tone, massage and moisturise. 

(All 30 min treatment times include 5 min to get dressed, All 1hr treatments times includes 10 min to wake up and get changed) 



Do not have a Pregnancy massage if;

You have Nausea or Headaches

you are high risk of premature baby

High risk of Miscarriage 

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