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Pregnancy Massage
Diploma Course 

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  Pregnancy  Massage Course  £300     Sale 20% Off Original Price

  • 1Day Course 10-3

  • 6 hours home study

  • 6 case studies

  • Accredited/insured

  • You will need to hold a massage qualification.

Thank you and welcome to Pregnancy massage course. In this course, you will learn all the necessities to become a qualified Pregnancy massage therapist !  This is a accredited/approved course, all courses are run to the highest standards and are insurable.


This course includes everything you’ll need to know to become a qualified Pregnancy  massage therapist.

Whether you are fairly new to massage therapy or you are already an experienced practitioner of other massage therapies, we will endeavour that you learn all you can about Pregnancy Massage and finish the course feeling confident that you will be able to provide Pregnancy massage on your clients, friends and family.

You will enjoy lots of hands-on experience as all your theory is emailed to you to study at home, allowing intense practical training on training dates. Training is intimate and friendly atmosphere where class sizes are limited to 4 students to a course. If there is only 1 student to a course, the course will still go ahead, you may be required to bring a model with you.

Our courses are accredited/approved by ABP - Alliance of Beauty Practitioners

This courses covers the following in depth;

  • What is the treatment and its aims

  • History

  • Benefits

  • Equipment needed

  • Contraindication and contra-actions

  • Consultation process

  • All Health and Safety

  • Insurance

  • Marketing

  • After care advice

  • Techniques involved in the treatment protocol

  • Feedback

  • Case studies

  • Certification

Tools (and/or experience) you will need to do Pregnancy Massage course.

You will need to complete home study and case studies, before you get your certificate.

You will need to hold a massage qualification.


Dates Coming Soon......

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