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Emz4massage is Eco-Friendly

Emz4massage Tries to be as Eco-friendly as possible, and always looking for new ways to get more Eco-friendly.

Ecotowels -are Biodegradable Towels used at Emz4massage
Sustainable ingredients, one use, biodegradable, no washing. No landfill.
 Rain Drop Soap -Infill's 
no plastic,
biodegradable, non toxic, vegan, low emissions and cruelty free
download (1).jpg
Cheeky Panda - Toilet roll, Kitchen roll and tissues.
sustainable , Vegan, natural ingredients, Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
works with WWF partnership
Eco-friendly cotton pads - Reusable cotton pads, washed and sanitised after every use.
In emz4massage facial's mani/pedi no one use plastics are used.
Green Flash Gel nail varnish - Less harmful chemicals, 84% plant based, vegan, clean green. Free from 9 common toxic chemical found in traditional varnishes. Sustainable Packaging
Refill your aromatherapy bottles -  glass bottles with bamboo tops. Less land fill.

At Emz4massage we are always looking for ways to do better and open to any suggestions to become even more eco-friendly.

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